Komentar 2 Rider Repsol Honda Setelah Winter test Motogp Sepang Malaysia 2018

Hello Bro n Sis, Test Pramusim atau winter test motogp 2018 yang di laksanakan di Sirkuit Sepang kemarin ternyata memiliki cerita khusus dari pabrikan Repsol Honda Racing Team. www.3835group.com

Cerita dari Juara Dunia Motogp 2017 Marc Marquez dimana saat test Motogp Sepang ini melakukan test terhadap 3 motor sekaligus. What 3 motor? ya ada motor terbaru 2018, kemudian motor lama dan gabungan dari motor lama serta motor baru.


Selain fokus pada mesin, kedua rider Repsol Honda Racing Team juga melakukan kombinasi lain seperti pada aerodinamika, berikut beberapa komentar setelah Marc Marquez dan Dani Pedrosa menjajal motornya di winter test 2018 Sepang Malaysia yang kucaukan di media sosial.

Marc Marquez
"I’m quite happy with how we started because we were working on three different bikes with different engines and therefore it was quite an intense day. It was just the first day and the feeling and rhythm were positive already"
“Today I’m very happy because we made some steps forward and I felt really good on my bike, especially in the afternoon, when we put everything in place and I did my fastest lap when the temperature was highest"

Dani Pedrosa 

"Today we basically worked on the engine package, trying to collect as much information as possible; that’s one of the main areas we have as a target for this test. Of course we’re still in the early stages but so far the feeling is good.”
“Today we had a full-day session that allowed us to carry out many tests. We mainly used the new engine specifications, and we worked a lot on a new fairing and other combinations with the aerodynamics. The feeling was positive again today"

Winter test Sepang malaysia 2018 tentu saja merupakan tahal awal yang tidak bisa di kesampingkan begitu saja, team lain tentunya juga melakukan hal yang sama, menguji segala hal untuk mendapatkan hal terbaik ketika bendera start nanti berkibar. 

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