Suzuki Mendominasi Race MotoAmerica 2017 Laguna Seca Mengendarai GSX-R1000

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Moto America Superbike - Gelaran ke 6 Super Bike Moto America 2017 di dominasi oleh pabrikan suzuki dengan duo pembalap mereka Toni Elias dan Roger Hayden dengan mengendarai Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Balap Moto Amerika seri ke 6 yang di selenggarakan di sirkuit laguna Seca dalam dua kali balapan di menangkan oleh Tony Elias di posisi 1 dan Roger Hayden di posisi ke 2.


Kemenangan Tony Elias di Laguna Seca ini adalah kemenangan ke 8 kalinya di musim balap 2017, serta menjadi kemenangan 5 kali berturut turut. mhh pantas saja Om Toni Elias memberikan kritikan pedas kepada rider MotoGP khususnya rider yang mengendarai motor Suzuki.

Toni Elias mengatakan:
“It was an amazing weekend. The conditions were a little cooler today. I struggled a bit and Roger was very strong. Fortunately, I was able to pass Roger on the last lap and get the second victory of the weekend. I’m very happy with the way the team is working together. It is perfect. 

“Winning both races helped give me a gap in the standings and that is important because this season still has a lot of races. I am looking forward to going to Sonoma and I will try to continue doing what we are doing. If we can keep winning it will be perfect, but if we can’t and have to take second, that will be good too.”

Roger Hayden Mengatakan:
“We got the pole again this weekend, so I was pretty excited about that,” Hayden explained. “In race Saturday’s first race, I pretty much followed Toni around. Then we made some changes to the bike and it was a lot better for today’s race. I tried to hold onto the lead, but Toni got by me in turn two on the last lap. I tried to throw a Hail Mary on the last turn, but he was protecting the inside line. I knew it was a long shot and it didn’t quite work. I’m looking forward to getting back to Sonoma and hopefully we can finish strong in the last four events.” 

Ok saatnya libur panjang juga, sama hal nya dengan MotoGP, balapan selanjutnya untuk seri MotoAmerica Super Bike Championship 2017 akan kembali bergulir pada Minggu 13 Agustus 2017 mendatang dimana akan di laksanakan di sirkuit Sonoma Raceway.

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