Winner of Contest Modif Honda (HMC) had Won Three Prestigious Awards at The Event Kustomfest 2016

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Winner of Contest Modif Honda (HMC) had won three prestigious awards at the event Kustomfest 2016, the runner-up category of Custom Bike Show Nitro Head FFA Free For All, Custom Works Zon's Pick, and Champion Cafe Racer Day. This achievement further proves modification works dropout HMC able to compete and be recognized at the national and international levels.


Free For All national winners, 2006 at HMC in 2016, Charles R. Wawolangi was awarded runner up in the category of Custom Bike Show Nitro Head FFA Free For All in 2016 Kustomfest event held at the Jogja Expo Center (JEC), Yogyakarta (8-9 / 10). Charles modification work have managed to captivate the judges renowned in Kustomfest 2016, as Yuichi Yoshizawa, Scott Andrew, Kaichiroh Kurosu, Geoffrey Baldwin, Yaniv Evan, Fred hulking, Makoto Watanabe, and Lulut Wahyudi.

Charles increasingly resounding achievement along with his success Yuichi Yoshizawa jury's attention through the motor modifications, so Charles again won the award in the category of Custom Works Zon's Pick.

In addition to Charles, Yuwono Jati which is also the national winner in the category of Duck & Sport Racing Style well as a national winner for class Ducks & Sport on the HMC in 2016, also managed to carve a proud achievement in Kustomfest this year. Motor modification Geoffrey Baldwin managed to captivate the jury and delivered them into the Champions Cafe Racer Day.

GM Marketing Planning and Analysis Division AHM Agustinus Indraputra said the success of HMC 2016 winners awarded in Kustomfest is evidence of the seriousness of AHM accommodate the creativity of the country modifier and guide them to realize the dream he had.
"AHM integrated efforts in support of the modifier country always we can improve each year to support the achievement of their dreams. Achievements of the champions in Kustomfest HMC is certainly becoming a valuable experience that will not be forgotten. We are pleased to be able to accompany the process of achieving the dream. As well as proving a motorcycle Honda has become the trend of choice for lovers of custom culture in Indonesia "

Kustomfest 2016 to be special with the presence of three Honda booth that presents a wide selection of Honda motorcycles. At the booth displays presented Arena HMC motors HMC and the national winners in a special display units are also two modifications All New Honda CBR250RR who managed to attract the attention of visitors Kustomfest, especially those who are curious about the modified motor sport premium of AHM.

There is also the Honda booth displaying the ranks of big bike as well as the All New Honda Honda CBR250RR where do also meet and greet with Yaniv Evan. Test ride and booths for visitors who want to try the Honda motorcycle like the All New Honda Beat ESP, All New Honda Supra GTR150, All New Honda CB150R, Honda CB650F, CB500F Honda, and Honda CB500X.

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