Denpasar Tourism Destination, Museum Bali and Taman Budaya Arts Centre Denpasar

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Today I have special information for you. Now, I would like to explain about Denpasar destination tourism object.  Denpasar is capital city of Bali Province, The name of Denpasar is coming from the Balinese word "den" which means the north and "pasar" means the market. This name was taken because it’s located just in the north of Kumbasari market.


The first place we visited in Denpasar Bali is a museum, where lies the Bali museum is located amidst the city of Denpasar. Attractions Museum of Bali, is one of the old buildings are still intact to this day in the capital city of Denpasar. It is in the city center, exactly east Puputan Badung Square, adjacent to the Natha Jagat Pura Agung. Shape of the building extends from north to south, is divided into two parts. The North is a complex of old buildings, everything was planned and built in 1910. So for travel enthusiasts of history during a vacation to Bali, you can visit this tempai, located in Denpasar, easily accessible by car, you can come up with their own vehicle or can rent a car in Bali, or motorcycle or minibus.

Bali Museum collection amount recorded as well as entry Registration as much as 10 506 pieces, including manuscripts also copy a manuscript. All types of collections obtained through the purchase of people in society, art shops, gifts, there is a form of deposit. Several groups are now being inventoried collection of which is a collection of material stupa with hundreds of fruit, 8.5 kg kepeng, foreign ceramics (Europe, China), porcelain from Japan, China, Siam.

The museum building at this resort was founded on the concept of Tri Mandala is contemptible mandala (the outside), middle mandala (the outside before entering the nucleus), and the main theater (the core). At the core (main theater) are building, consisting of three buildings, namely:
  1. Tabanan building, typical architecture Pavilion Tabanan, stored antiquities, such as objects of art, accessories, household appliances, equipment and ceremonies, as well as an assortment of traditional weapons.
  2. Building Buleleng, North Bali style architecture building stored appliances household supplies, crafts, agriculture & fishing, entertainment appliances, primitive sculptures from clay, stone, much more.
  3. Karangasem Building, building style architecture East region stored objects of prehistoric, archaeological objects, ethnography, art and some modern paintings.

If you want to tour and visit these places, the museum is open: Sunday s / d Thursday from 08:00 to 15:00 and Friday from 8:00 to 12:30

If traveling to the city of Denpasar (Gajah Mada) we first meet market Kumbasari, the west side there is a river / Tukad Badung, then moved to the East of the river is the largest traditional market in Denpasar called market Badung, activities day and night, went to the East again after Catur Muka intersection, then we met the Bali Museum, located next to Pura Jaganatha, which is always crowded by Hindus on religious days. Continuing the journey again towards Jalan Hayam Wuruk, turn left into Jalan Nusa Indah, where the center of the cultural park, named Art Centre, where the Bali Arts Festival is held every year.

Cultural Park has a very strategic location as well as cool. Art Center has an area of ± 14 hectares. Being a target of tourists visit when traveling city tour, tempatnyapun maintained and manicured, beautifully, every day a lot of foreign and domestic visitors.

In essence the Cultural Park area split a river from east to west, so it seemed natural landscape among neatly with its tropical gardens, the area is divided into four complexes:
  1. Complex Saints include Taman Beji, Selonding Bale, Bale Pepaosan, etc.
  2. The quiet complex includes Library Widya Kusuma
  3. Complex covers half crowded Mahudara Exhibition Hall, Building Craft, Studio Sculpture, Arts guesthouse, wantilan
  4. Crowded complex includes Open Stage Ardha Candra & Stage closed Ksirarnawa (both located next to the South River)

In mid-June to July each year, at the Art Center was held party Balinese arts (PKB), this annual event is usually opened by the president of Indonesia. Products of art and cultural performances of representative artists from all over the district of the island, so fitting the school holidays, it is annually inundated with visitors, both by locals, and tourists, the parking area for vehicles such as buses, cars and motorcycles are also widely provided by locals, so do not worry. Various art performances can be enjoyed every evening during the event PKB, ranging from puppet art, ballet, dance, new creations, Bondres, djoged, geguntangan. This is where being a means to maintain the culture held in Bali in particular and Indonesia in general. To assure a pleasant choice and the right information then read reviews of attractions next.

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