Indonesian Safety Riding Instructor Training Intensive, Following Competency Test In Japan 2016

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Three instructors safety riding fostered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) began to undergo intensive preparation to face international competition riding safety "The 17th Safety Japan Instructors' Competition 2016" in Japan (20-21 / 10).

At this year's AHM participated in 3 classes that are contested, namely 750cc which will be represented by M Ady Sucipto winning the Best of the Best category of Big Bike Championship Astra Honda Safety Riding Instructors Competition (AHSRIC) 2016, class 400cc I Gusti Agung Budi Dharma winning second prize category Big Bike AHSRIC 2016 and the 125cc class Dimas Satria Putra Kelana first prize winner of the category Sport AHSRIC 2016.


Preparations for the competition conducted from July 1 and will be held until October 18. Exercises done with 4 stages, in the area of ​​origin of each instructor and then concentrated to a joint exercise in the Safety Riding Center Wahana Makmur Sejati, Tangerang. After the training was intensified again by sending three instructors to direct practice in Japan.

During the training period, a variety of materials on safety driving back deepened to optimize the potential of the instructors. Practical exercises were conducted regularly to improve and maintain the consistency of the time in the session braking, plank riding and slalom course. No lag, physical exercise was done to keep fitness.

To increase the confidence and skills of the instructors adjustment, AHM facilitate the exercise program is one of them with the provision of this type of motorcycle that will be competed namely GROM125, CB650F and NC750.

GM Marketing Planning and Analysis Division AHM Agustinus Indraputra said the seriousness of the AHM and the instructor riding safety auxiliaries in preparation for "The 17th Safety Japan Instructors' Competition 2016" in Japan is Honda's commitment to creating and guaranteeing skill driving instructor Honda for more leverage in providing education to consumers.
"This year was the 12th participation in the event AHM safety riding instructor competency test the international level. Consistency We do this because we realize the importance of having safety ambassadors who had the best ability of the virus to spread riding safety in the community, "
The 17th Safety Japan Instructors Competition 2016 in Japan is a competency test safety riding instructors followed by various countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, and Australia.

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