Fun Rally All New Beat ESP 2016 followed Thousands of Participants

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PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) held Fun Rally All New Beat ESP 2016 which was followed by more than 1,400 Honda Beat motorcycle enthusiasts in the country.

Activities initiated by AHM cooperate with a network of 27 main dealer of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia lasted from 10 to 30 September 2016. A total of 28 community and Honda's 28 partner schools participated in this activity.

Fun-Ridding-All-New BeAT-ESP16

General Manager of Marketing Planning and Analysis Division AHM Augustinus Indraputra said the event is a place for the lovers of the Honda Beat consumers to be able to exchange information as well as strengthen the fabric of the relationship through a variety of positive activities.
"We want to always be able to accompany our customers in their activities, including the Honda Beat lovers majority are young people. With them, a range of activities has been prepared for the relationship and enjoy a city park in their respective areas. We also provide road safety education to the community and the students who participated this event. "

Fun Rally on the activities of the All-New Beat ESP participants consisting of students, consumers, and communities Honda Beat will perform convoy visit various city parks that exist in each of the host cities led by one person road captain. Participants can enjoy city parks using Honda Beat them to continue to promote safety riding so that it remains orderly and does not interfere with other road users.

The participants also challenged to work together and set up a strategy to solve the challenges of the games in groups. The winners in each of the games will compete for the title in the final battle organized by various attractive prizes.

In addition to the games the students and the community will be educated linked driving safety as well as the opportunity to experience the sensation of driving directly use the All New Honda Beat ESP through riding test.

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