Congratulations!! Astra Honda Motor Grabbing Marketing Awards 2016

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PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has been named as the successful companies innovate in implementing marketing strategies to achieve success over the best predicate Marketing Award 2016 at Hotel Mulia (22/9). The award further strengthens predicate Honda two-wheeler market leader in the homeland.

( Middle ) GM Logistic and Distribution Division AHM , Kurniawati received awards Marketing Awards, presented by Managing Director of Marketing magazine , at the Hotel Mulia , Jakarta

The award is organized by the Marketing Magazine awarded based on assessments to companies that are considered to have creativity in marketing their products. The achievement is also evident and in line with the performance of companies such as market share, brand share or sales growth.

GM Marketing Planning and Analisys Division AHM Agustinus Indraputra said the company's main focus in doing business is the consumer. In line with the value of One Heart, AHM has always been committed to accompany the consumer achieve his dream by creating the best products and services during your everyday activities.
"We thank you for this award. With the spirit of one heart we always strive to accompany the daily activities of the community in reaching his dream with the best products and technology. We hope the spirit that we have one heart can continue to be accepted by the whole society, "

Strength test event marketing strategies of companies in the country the past several judging process involving academic circles as a leading university professors, professionals, and the media. The assessment is passed through several processes including a process of submission / proposal, initial screening, presentations, and the electoral process.

Market leaders

The data obtained from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the national motorcycle market in August 2016 grew 72.9% to 527 536 units compared to 305 153 units in the previous month. In line with this growth, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) also posted sales growth of 90.9% ie 388 847 units, with a 73.7% market share of the national motorcycle.

The Honda scooter segment accounted for 78.4% of the scooter market with a notch national sales of 339 445 units, up 123.9% compared to July 2016 only 151 585 units. In other segments, sales of motorcycle Honda sold over 29 754 units in August 2016 with a market share of 59.6%, up slightly by 1.6% compared to the previous month ie 29 281 units. In the sports segment, AHM contributed sales of 19 648 units or a 44.2% market share.

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