Astra Honda Motor Flood Disasters Happened In Garut regency in 2016

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Garut - The sad news came and Garut City on Wednesday (21/9) then. Floods hit the districts Bayongbong, Tarogong South, Tarogong Kaler, Banyuresmi, Karangpawitan, Pasirwangi and cities in the region Garut Garut - West Java.


In order to ease the burden on the people affected by the floods, PT Daya Adicipta Motorà (DAM), a major distributor of motorcycles and spare parts Honda in West Java along with a network of dealers and authorized repair shop AHASS in Garut region to respond to natural disasters by providing direct assistance to alleviate the public victims of natural disasters.

Lerri Gunawan, General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Logistics DAM expose this aid is one of concern for the flood victims Honda. DAM and network AHASS around flooded areas sympathetic and sorry about the calamity that befell the families of victims of this disaster.

Furthermore Lerri said,
 "On Wednesday (21/9) the first step we are trying to evacuate the flood victims and property can still be saved, especially our Honda motorcycle evacuation from the location to the nearest AHASS network so that the purposes of disaster victims unhampered mobility if needed. The next step after the conditions of the location and the psychic victim gradually recover we will open shelters and provide free servicing Honda because we know that the community will be greatly needed means of transportation that is safe and good for their daily necessities. "
"We are also preparing to meet the basic needs of daily needs. Donation that we provide in the form of blankets, medicines, water and other minerals. "
Hopefully the help that is given to ease the burden of grief experienced by our brothers in Garut, we want to wish all the damaged facility can be immediately improved, and the brothers of our damaged houses to conduct their daily activities. Hopefully no more disaster struck. amen

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