in Catalunya Jorge Lorenzo renews design 99 His vehicle, designed by Anneta Vives

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Nothing feels event Moto GP will start soon, this time Moto Gp of Catalunya Spain will performed on Sunday 5 June 2016, there is something special for Jorge Lorenzo (JL99), in this moment Lorenzo will use a new design number, lorenzo's  designed number by Anneta Vives.

Lorenzo's vehicle number remains 99, only its design changed. Who Anneta Vives? Anneta is one of the artists on Matador State Spain who had Down Syndrome, her's very famous. Anneta has special capabilities in the field of design. Lorenzo belived to Anneta for design his vehicle number in this years. Lorenzo has been Design his Helmet to Anneta on 2013 ago.


From designs that have shown to us, it appears the design of the number 99 Lorenzo simpler, there are two color between white and orange, in contrast to previous designs of different types of number one to the other numbers, it looks like two different sides.

But if we look at the number of bike design this time, in observation of amateur, Lorenzo wanted to show something behind this design, as if he wanted to express more confidence, and focus more on achievement. or maybe Lorenzo wants to release everything that is bad in previous years and switch to a better future.

Whatever it is, all only Lorenzo who knows about this. or there will be a new sponsor who will support them in Moto Gp Lorenzo? how bro n sis? Smart is also yes JL99, in my personal opinion, when people on a busy discussing the combustion engine Yamaha, Lorenzo would make renewal, so people do not just discuss the engine burn, the renewal is expected that all team members can focus on the next event and forget about all the tragedy that occurred in the previous series.

Is it just the design of the motor number is updated by JL99? whether she also update the design of the helmet to the MotoGP series? we see together in Barcelona later. so the news about the new design 99 Jorge Lorenzo, do not forget the information and opinions related to this article is presented in the comments field.

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