Audi A4 Sold in Indonesia, Sold as They Are Launched

Hello Bro n Sis
Indonesia was unique, a country known for having abundant natural wealth and resources owned makes her so coveted employers one entrepreneur or manufacturer in the automotive field. Is an automotive company with a round logo round or rather Audi through PT Garuda Mataram Motor (GMM), as the sole agent for Indonesia successfully sell a new product, even once launched immediately sold.

Did Audi sells what is really selling? Audi Indonesia through PT Garuda Mataram Motor (GMM) officially launched in Indonesia New products for the Indonesian market All New Audi A4, but because production is not in Indonesia so the sale is not like a car LCGC bro n sis, be selling a lot of them hundreds in the launch, so Audi Indonesia obtaining Ration sell 8 Unit.


Andrew Nasuri As President Director, PT Garuda Mataram Motor, said:
"Currently, the all-new A4 we provide only eight units and has been fully depleted in consumer message"

8 units are already reserved Audi A4 is divided into two, namely the product Audi A4 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TFST Audi Quattro. Maybe there bro n sis ask what is the price of the A4 car unit? Audi A4 in a generation to 6, where a single unit of the type Audi A4 2.0 TSFI sold Rp 990.000.000 million and for the type Audi A4 2.0 Quattro TSFI in the selling price of Rp 1,200,000,000 million. and this price is the price OTR Jakarta area.

To Bro n sis who are interested in this latest A4 series can make reservations now and the unit bro n sis received in July impending or after Idul Fitri, 2016.

A little info for the Audi A4 is the ability for the Audi A4 TFSI engine can generate power to 190 HP and Audi A4 Quattro TSFI is capable of producing 252 HP. for it seems Audi A4 engine is brought to Indonesia is not using its 1.8 engine again and only using a 2.0.

Indeed, a car coming from Germany is an alternative for young executif, usually this type of car is in use as a private car and characterizes itself for its owner.

Besides the price is still relatively affordable for those who are upper middle economy compared to other European car types that cost could be several times the car is.

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