1000 cc Ford EcoBoost Engine, is One of The Best 1000 cc Engine

Hello Bro n Sis
Who does not know Ford, perhaps for the Indonesian people who are happy with this brand a little worried, because infonya Ford will stop operating in Indonesia, but apart from the information that is circulating in the community, until now Ford Indonesian state official site will continue to operate as it should.

But now we are not talking about ford operations in Indonesia, Rather to discuss the work of Ford's global, ie 1,000 cc engine EcoBoost. This machine is a machine that is very sophisticated and able to compete with a 1500 cc engine though. Balancing the question if it is successful in a machine with a larger cubication then what about the fuel consumption?

Ford said about the fuel consumption of a 1,000 cc engine with Ecoboost. because this machine is a three-cylinder engine, the fuel consumption of the engine is definitely more efficient. This machine is also able to achieve the award three times in a row international arena Machine of the Year. the assessment team at the event and even praised Ford's success in creating the EcoBoost engine 1000 cc.

A brief explanation of a 1000 cc engine from the Ford EcoBoost. This machine is a machine with a three-cylinder, which already apply turbo forced or induced. until Ford claims the engine is capable of producing up to 140 horsepower.

Great power that can be generated by a 3-cylinder engine, then what is the 3-cylinder engine is free from vibration? True bro n sis. ford engine design a 3-cylinder engine is very good. on this machine there is a kind of counterweight, as seen cylinder to four, so that with this balance, the Ford Ecoboost engines such as vibration 4-cylinder.

But with great power, would be wasteful of fuel? The answer is precisely this engine produces quite economical fuel consumption, this is what makes the EcoBoost engine is a 1000 cc engine, the best in international and 5 times the air line of succession in the same event for the category cubication car engine with 1000 cc.

That's a little illustration of 1,000 cc Ford Ecoboost engine. In addition to great expectations of lovers ford, ford so not out of Indonesia, and continue to operate as usual in the homeland and together they set up the national automotive industry. We are sorry if there are some explanations in this article is not complete, bro n sis can convey information and opinions about this article in the comments field.

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